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Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?
Has everybody gone crazy? I remember reading once that people suffering from psychoses take everything seriously. They cannot recognize that metaphor, things said in humor, plays on words, exercises of imagination, and the like are not necessarily factual. They lack the quality of abstraction. All a…
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1.  Penn State child-sex scandal rocks the nation
2.  Power outages from October snow storm may bring rate hikes
3.  New Jersey Turnpike turns 60.
4.  Supreme Court Judges continue the fight of pension and benefit reform.
5.  Veterans' Day; honoring the men and women who serve our country
Salt Assault
A woman at a Jersey City Chinese restaurant becomes irate over salt and proceeds to hit employee with a metal pipe, before fleeing.
What the Hell Was He Doing Out?
Speaking of stomach-turning stories how about this one. A Jersey City career criminal who shot a 9 year old boy and an 11 year old girl on a playground in 2003, is charged with new counts of aggravated assault, possession of a weapon by a felon, and other charges over an incident in a housing comple…
The Fight Against Education Reform Just Got Tougher
Fifty-six percent of New Jersey schools missed the benchmark for student achievement, according to educational officials. That means fifty-six percent of our public schools did not have enough students passing state tests to meet their targets. To anyone outside the Education Cartel, that is not goo…
Democratic Party Basks in Victory
As expected, after a short flurry of political flimflammery, the election came and went, leaving no observable change in the New Jersey political landscape in its wake. If anything, the state government is an even deeper blue. Like many voters,
Utility Companies Likely to Recoup Losses From Rate Payers
There's speculation on whether Jersey's giant Utilities can and will hit up ratepayers for huge bucks to cover the cost of cleanup and restoration after Irene, Lee, and the Saturday Snow storm. This would be hundreds of millions of additional dollars to be added to your bill. On that subject, th…
Carl Lewis: Rite of Passage
Carl Lewis, the great Olympic champion, and one of the great athletes of our time, was denied a place on the 8th district ballot as Democratic candidate for State senate. He was judged to have not established the required residence requirement.

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