Jeff Musial

Top bands with animal names
In celebration of Jeff Musial "The Animal Guy's" appearance at the Brook Arts Center this weekend, we decided to have some fun with the show. You can catch Jeff Musial and his amazing animals performing on Sunday, October 19th in Bound Brook...
Jeff Musial speaks with Steve Trevelise
Jeff Musial 'The Animal Guy' who you may have seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, called in to my show to discuss his upcoming show at the Brook Arts Center on Sunday, October 19.
Jeff and I talked about a host of topics, including how he got into working with animals and some of hi…
Top 5 Jeff Musial moments on the Tonight Show
Jeff Musial 'The Animal Guy' has made some classic appearances on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jeff has brought some amazing animals to late night tv viewers including reptiles, bear cubs and even elephants!