3 Worst Places To Be Stung By A Bee
Thank God for Michael Smith, a graduate student at Cornell University. Thanks to this guy, we now have scientific evidence of the three worst places on the human body to be stung by a bee.
Summer Brings Sun and Insect-Borne Diseases
The summer is almost here and while many New Jersey residents are looking forward to some fun in the sun, it's also a time when insect populations transmit diseases that can and should be avoided.  Among the insects are ticks that transmit Lyme Disease and mosquitoes that transmit the West…
Four Ways 17-Year Cicadas and Dubstep Are The Same
On the left side we have the sweet sounds of the periodical cicadas, the giant, red-eyed insect that emerges from the ground every 17 years in the northeast. On the right, we have a song called "Bangarang" by Skrillex, a well known dubstep artist. Today, I'm going to explain t…