Hurricane Sandy

Chris Christie Touts Help Available to Sandy Victims [AUDIO]
With a 40 point lead over Democratic challenger Barbara Buono in the latest polls, Gov. Chris Christie is sticking to a carefully scripted plan this summer - touring areas hard hit by Superstorm Sandy, and reminding folks about the help that's available to them as the rebuilding continues.
Where Were the Best Rock Clubs in New Jersey?
Perhaps the rock club scene in Jersey ain’t what it used to be.
I wonder if it has more to do with changing tastes in music; the areas in which the clubs are located, or a diminishing clientele.
In any event, two of New Jersey’s iconic clubs either will close or, due to…
NJ Schools Making Up Days Post-Sandy [AUDIO]
The academic year is nearing an end and many school districts in New Jersey are making the necessary final adjustments to their calendars to fulfill the state-required minimum of 180 days of instructional time, a task that has been made more complicated thanks to Superstorm Sandy.
New Aid For Sandy-Impacted Homeowners in NJ [AUDIO]
In an effort to encourage Sandy-impacted homeowners to resettle in their primary residences and help them with reconstruction, rehabilitation, elevation and mitigation, the state Department of Community Affairs has launched the reNew Jersey Stronger housing assistance initiative which will provide $…

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