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Top 40 Songs Named after Women
We might never get to meet "Bille Jean", "Roxanne", or "Mandy", but we know that Michael Jackson, Sting and Barry Manilow portrayed some deep feelings for these three women through their lyrics. Sifting through hundreds of songs written strictly for the ladies, we put t…
Don’s Top 10 from this Week in 1986
Back...back...back into time, tonight "The Time Machine" lands on Wednesday, November 19, 1986. These are the top 10 local hit singles. You can hear them counted down in order, 10 to 1, starting at midnight tonight on New Jersey 101.5.
Don’s Top 10 Hits from This Week in 1976
Tonight's "Don's Top 10" list features songs of all different genres that were smash hits this week of the year 1976. Check out the list to see which song was on top, then tune in at midnight to hear each one played on-air!
Don’s Top 10 Hits from This Week in 1983
On the first edition of "Don's Top 10" we spotlight the year 1983! Listen tonight at midnight to hear the Top hits from this week in November of 1983, representing a great variety of several genres. Here's a sneak peak at this week's list!