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Tax Refund or Tax Bill – Now What? [SPONSORED]
By James Lawrence, CPA, Traphagen Financial Group
There seem to be three types of taxpayers: those who want refunds (refunders), those who don’t want to pay until they need to (procrastinators) and those who are indifferent (apathetics). Although each type may have different personal income tax respo…
Some Less-Thought-Of Tax Deductions [SPONSORED]
By Barry S. Kleiman, CPA, Untracht Early LLC
There are many tax deductions people can take, some less obvious than others. While you can’t claim the family pet as a dependent, did you know that expenses for the care of a service dog qualify for the medical deduction?  We&CloseCur…
Financial Planning Strategies for 2013 and Beyond [SPONSORED]
After several years of long-term tax rate uncertainty, we now have tax rate certainty. The portion of the fiscal cliff that loomed over taxpayers as the sun set on the Bush-era tax rates was solved in a last-minute political compromise. We’ve partnered with the New Jersey Society of&…
Choosing a Tax Advisor [SPONSORED]
Selecting a tax advisor can be an extremely daunting task. There are several questions to ask yourself: What am I looking for, someone to prepare my tax returns or a qualified professional who will provide value as a trusted advisor?