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A Business Built on Drunks
I caught this story about a new business in Georgia that is becoming popular with both drunks and athletes. It is called "Hydration Station" and it offers oxygen and IV's for athletes who have trained hard and revelers who have partied hard.
Good News For Drinkers – Hangovers Diminish With Age
A few weeks ago, we had an on-air discussion of hangover cures based on an article that extolled the virtues of Pedialyte for those who may have overindulged. Well, there's new research that may indicate the best cure for a hangover is being older...
Best Hangover Cures
In just a few days, we'll be partying it up, saying goodbye to 2011 with all of it's ups and downs and hello to 2012, a fresh start with hopefully a bright year ahead.  Most of us will be out at parties with a bottle of champagne, wine or your drink of choice...