gun control debate

Obama To Bring Some Sandy Hook Families On AF1
President Barack Obama is providing a ride on Air Force One to 11 relatives of those killed at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School so they can attend his gun control speech Monday before heading to Washington to personally plead with senators reluctant to back gun legislation.
Obama Pushes Gun Control In CT
President Barack Obama is trying to boost the chances of gun legislation that could be in jeopardy this week with a trip to the home state of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Laws, Rumors Have Ammo Flying Off Store Shelves
Gun enthusiasts concerned about new weapon controls and alarmed by rumors of government hoarding are buying bullets practically by the bushel, making it hard for stores nationwide to keep shelves stocked and even putting a pinch on some local law enforcement departments.
Obama Pushes Gun Control In Colorado
President Barack Obama travels to Colorado today to step up his call for universal background checks for gun buyers and at least a vote in Congress on an assault weapons ban and limits on large-capacity ammunition magazines.

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