Governor Christie

VOTE: Have self-help books worked for you?
“I can do it all myself” might be the refrain some of us use when either trying to lose weight or bring about some other change in our behavior.
But then why are there so many self-help books on the shelves in bookstores?
Because when it comes down to it, we could all use a…
POLL: Do you want Chris Christie to be the next president?
As of this writing, the top RNC fundraiser is stepping down from his position and is poised to join a Christie in ’16 campaign.
Or so the pundits say.
I have yet to hear the State of the State, but I’m waiting to see just how the Governor is going to spin how he's …
VOTE: How many Cowboys fans are there in New Jersey?
We know that Governor Christie is a Dallas Cowboy fan. We also know he’s not the only one. Cowboy fans usually remain silent until their team wins and then you can’t shut them up. But did you ever wonder why there are so many Cowboy fans in New Jersey or how Dallas be…

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