Gov. Chris Christie

Bridgegate Papers Show Official Conflict and Anger
Confusion, distrust, anger and apparent stonewalling marked internal communications between New Jersey Port Authority officials, their New York counterparts and PA and Fort Lee police as surprise lane closings disrupted traffic at the George Washington Bridge Sept. 9 through Sept. 13 of last year.
Could ‘Bridgegate’ Derail Governor Christie? [POLL]
A fish stinks from the head down – and this one stinks to high heaven.
This morning, a series of emails have been released tying top Port Authority officials linked closely to the Governor with closing the local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge back in September – reportedly t…
GOP, Democrats Eye 2014 Governors’ Races
As head of the GOP Governor's Association, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be trying to match 2010 election results that swept Republicans into statehouses long governed by Democrats. The keys were Tea Party discontent and promises of conservative economic and social policy makeovers...
Onion Cartoon Maps Chris Christie’s Road to the Whitehouse
It seems like the big secret is out. To the shock of almost no one at least in New Jersey, political writers are writing more and more articles about Governor Christie running for the presidency in 2016. The road to the 2016 presidency is apparently going right through New Jersey. Even political sat…

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