George Washington Bridge

Governor Christie Finally Clears Up Bridgegate
It's a scandal some say he had to have known about. It's an incident some say can destroy any hopes for a presidential run in 2016. After months of speculation, countless man hours of investigation, thousands of documents uncovered, Governor Christie finally explains the truth behind Bridg…
What is Your Reaction to the ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal? [POLL]
The Bergen Record has obtained emails and communications that show Governor Christie's deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly had advance knowledge of a plan to shut down local access lanes to the George Washington bridge in September in a scandal that has drawn nationwide attention.
Could ‘Bridgegate’ Derail Governor Christie? [POLL]
A fish stinks from the head down – and this one stinks to high heaven.
This morning, a series of emails have been released tying top Port Authority officials linked closely to the Governor with closing the local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge back in September – reportedly t…

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