The Big Joke Of The Day
Well a new survey has come out with a list of the top twenty richest women in show business. Oprah Winfrey is still the richest woman in show business
A Dennis and Judi Rap Song [AUDIO]
Proving once again that Dennis and Judi have the best listeners in the world, Johnny Rea aka White Shark made a rap song for the Dennis and Judi Show! Listen to Johnny Rea's Dennis and Judi rap song below.
The Big Joke Of The Day
Well in getting ready for my New Year’s resolutions my friend asked me what one thing I would like to do in 2012 that I’ve never done before…
Barney Frank Wears Questionable Attire [PHOTO]
Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts was speaking on the House floor earlier this week and to the dismay of everyone watching was wearing a t-shirt instead of more professional attire. Frank's appearance went viral after viewers noticed that Frank was carrying a little extra weight in the …
Cheerleading Mom Is A Little Too Pumped Up [VIDEO]
We have all seen that parent who gets just a little to into their child's sporting event. Well, this video of a cheerleading mom shows parents what they look like when they are screaming from the sidelines. Our guess is this woman's child was just a tad embarrassed by her mother's e…

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