Big Joe’s Big Chicken Cacciatore [RECIPE]
I first made this recipe back in the mid 80’s while I was living and working for a short time in LA. I was living and hanging out with my Uncle Pete, a great cook in his own right. I was craving the “old world” flavor of a good cacciatore and think I hit u…
The 5 Second Rule Might Make Sense After All
The five second rule seemingly fell out of favor recently with local news blaring out how what falls on our floor can KILL US! Now, a British study, reported by ABC, says that not only does how long the food has been on the floor matter, so does the type of floor it lands on.
Man Eats Same Thing Every Day For Over 2 Decades
I get mocked at work frequently because I tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day, but there’s a Maryland guy who easily has me beat: he eats the same thing for every meal every day, and he’s been doing it for 25 years!
The Best Beers to Pair with Chili
In anticipation of NJ 101.5's Inaugural Chili Bowl with Dennis Malloy, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of beers that are best paired with chili.
Big Joe’s Beef Stroganoff [Recipe]
There is a big misnomer that most guys can’t cook. I’m not talking about the big chefs that you see on TV and in the kitchens of fine restaurants, I’m talking about the working guy who enjoys a good barbeque
3 Secrets to Staying Gluten-Free
If you’ve ever wondered how some of us manage life without pizza, bagels, and beer, read on.
When I first began eating gluten-free in 2008, my impression of my new dietary options was mostly characterized by the words bland, crumbly, and cardboard...
Sugary Cereals Are The Best
I saw on that General Mills is introducing a new cereal, "Chocolate Toast Crunch", a companion cereal to their popular "Cinnamon Toast Crunch".

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