What weird stuff do you feed your dog? put out this short slide show of 8 fruits and veggies to never feed your dog. These items can all be harmful. My question is, who the heck is feeding these things to a dog anyway?
What it’s REALLY Like to Be a Vegetarian on Thanksgiving
Recently, Buzzfeed wrote a countdown post on what it's like to be a vegetarian on Thanksgiving. While this post was entertaining, and most of it was spot on, I thought I could give you a first hand account on what it's really like to be the only person at the Thanksgiving table that does n…
Big Joe’s Big Meat Meatloaf [RECIPE]
I love meatloaf! As a matter of fact, my idea of a balanced meal is having a meatloaf in each hand! That’s a true story. Meatloaf is the dish that keeps on giving; I love it cold on a sandwich the next day.

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