Christie Seeks $250M for Flood Buyouts
Owners of perpetually flooded homes could be getting bought out through the state’s Blue Acres program, provided Governor Christie receives the quarter billion in funding he’s asking for from the federal government.
Buy Out Flood-Prone NJ Homes Says Former DEP Boss
As New Jersey lawmakers consider a package of bills to help the state recover from Superstorm Sandy, a former New Jersey environmental protection commissioner says the storm provided a golden opportunity to buy out flood-prone homes and move them further away from the water.
NJ Adopting Flood Maps for Sandy Rebuilding [VIDEO]
New Jersey is adopting advisory flood maps released last month by the federal government to guide rebuilding following Superstorm Sandy, putting into effect tougher standards for reconstruction that will in some cases force homeowners and businesses to relocate or build at higher elevations, Gov. Ch…

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