Emma Grace burial Saturday, search for mother continues
The infant we've come to know as Emma Grace will be buried in Howell Township Saturday. But how her head and body ended up separately among trash at a Farmingdale recycling center last November is still a matter for investigators, and they hope that finding the mother will shed light on it.
Monmouth County – Top 10 Activities
Monmouth County is located in Central New Jersey and has a wide variety of activities to take part in, especially family-fun activities at the beach and surrounding shore towns. Listed below are the top 10 activities guaranteed to be a great time in Monmouth County...
4th Annual “Honor Day” To Be Held In Farmingdale
We all look forward to Memorial Day; the first weekend of heading down the shore, breaking out the grill with family and hopefully enjoying beautiful weather. While that is perfectly fine, we should all take a minute and remember why we celebrate this weekend.