Campaign signs take over corners, lawns
Election season is in high gear, and the evidence is most likely staring you in the face every time you drive to work or the local convenience store - campaign signs, flooding street corners, busy intersections and residents' lawns.
GOP, Democrats Eye 2014 Governors’ Races
As head of the GOP Governor's Association, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be trying to match 2010 election results that swept Republicans into statehouses long governed by Democrats. The keys were Tea Party discontent and promises of conservative economic and social policy makeovers...
Is NJ in for a Decade of Non-Competitive Elections? [AUDIO]
Redistricting in done every ten years after U.S. Census numbers are tallied and population shifts are determined. This year, New Jersey lost one congressional seat as a result of redistricting and that's the reason there was one competitive primary yesterday. Redistricting protected incumbents which…

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