Obama Hosting Annual Easter Egg Roll
President Barack Obama went 1-for-3 shooting basketballs at the White House Easter Egg Roll, an improvement over his 2013 performance, as he and first lady Michelle Obama applied a health and activity theme to the colorful annual springtime South Lawn ritual.
Peeps: Fresh or Stale? [POLL]
"Peeps" have long been a part of the Easter Season!  Just enjoy them.. and try not to think what LOTS of these sugary, marshmallow "chicks" can do to your teeth...and your waistline!
Creepy Easter Bunny Photos [NSFW VIDEO]
When I was a kid I had plenty of pictures taken with Santa Claus. Once I even had Santa visit me at my house. Magical times. Good memories. Never, not once, did my parents make the mistake of trying to have me take a picture with the Easter Bunny.

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