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NJ Remembers Drunken Driving Victims
The families of victims killed in drunken driving accidents remembered their loved ones on Wednesday at a ceremony in New Jersey that also honored law enforcement officers who made the most DWI arrests in the state last year.
NJ Remembers Drunk Driving Victims
New Jersey families who have lost loved ones in drunk driving crashes came together today to commemorate those lost lives and discuss the work ahead to end drunk and impaired driving.
Every 15 Minutes Program Comes to NJ
There are many programs that promote safe driving among teens, but none quite like the Every 15 Minutes program that provides an extremely realistic view of what can happen from drunk driving. Their goal to create awareness that every 15 minutes someone dies as the result of an alcohol related colli…
NTSB Says Ignition Locks for All Drunken Drivers
Every state should require all convicted drunken drivers, including first-time offenders, to use devices that prevent them from starting a car's engine if their breath tests positive for alcohol, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday.

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