Many NJ Drivers Admit to Speeding: Report [AUDIO]
Half of all drivers in New Jersey and around the country are speeding, according to a new report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, either because those drivers are not aware of how fast they're going or because they simply enjoy traveling at a high rate of speed.
We Rely Less on Driving: Report [AUDIO]
People across the country are relying less on their own vehicles to get them to work, and depending more overall on public transportation, according to a first-of-its-kind report from New Jersey Public Interest Research Group.
Cigarette Butt Tossers Suck
I was having a fine morning. I had just dropped my kids off to school, stopped at the bank, picked up a few things from the store and was heading back home to start searching news for the show. Nice sunny morning with a slight breeze and dry, colorful leaves piled up on the grassy median. When what …
Who’s Had An Accident Involving A Cell Phone? [POLL]
I imagine statistics are still hard to come by involving car accidents where use of a cell phone was the cause. Most drivers wouldn't admit fault to a cop especially now that the fines for illegal cell phone use while driving have doubled. So if an officer can't outright prove it, it'…

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