More Discounts for Safe Drivers in NJ
How safe of a driver are you?  Now, you have a chance to prove it and earn a discount on your car insurance at the same time.  Allstate New Jersey has introduced a usage-based product called Drive Wise® which measures information like mileage, braking, speed and time of day when a customer is drivin…
NJ Drivers Could Face Higher Fines For Staying Left [AUDIO]
We've all seen it and almost nothing is more infuriating on our roadways; drivers going less than the speed limit and refusing to move to the right and get out of our way. It's already against the law if motorists fail to stay right unless passing, but few get tickets for it and the fines …
Watch A Dog Drive A Car [VIDEO]
On New Jersey roads you have to worry about idiots everywhere. Sometimes, you have to worry about some idiot driving with a dog on his lap. Will you have to eventually worry about the dog itself driving the car? Check out the video below. It's a video of how they trained a dog through rewards a…
Wrong-Way Crashes Claim Hundreds of Lives
Hundreds of people are killed each a year when drivers turn the wrong-way into the face of oncoming traffic on high-speed highways, and a majority of the crashes involves drivers with blood alcohol levels more than twice the legal limit, a federal accident researcher said Tuesday.

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