Should undocumented students get college financial aid?
Amazing how far we’ve come. Not long ago – in fact just before the gubernatorial election - Governor Christie told the Latino Leadership Alliance in New Brunswick that he was in favor of the DREAM Act.
The law gives the children of undocumented parents the ability to attend college here in the state …
Apology in Order on Immigrant Tuition, Christie Says
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reached a compromise with the state Senate leader on a bill easing college tuition costs for students in the U.S. illegally, and said he's owed an apology by anyone who doubted his commitment to enacting immigrant tuition legislation.
DREAM Act Deal in Place – Do You Support it? [POLL]
A little over a month ago, the Governor made the surprising announcement to the Latin Leadership Alliance that he supported tuition equality for all – eschewing his previous position that to grant in-state tuition rates to undocumented students wasn’t practical...
Some Doubt Christie’s Word on Tuition Parity
Fresh off a convincing re-election victory in which he split the Hispanic vote with his Democratic opponent, Gov. Chris Christie is now taking heat from the same constituency that could greatly enhance his chances in a 2016 presidential run.

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