Should Celebrities Get Preferential Treatment? [POLL]
By Bill Doyle
Some patrons at a Pittsburgh-area DMV office were none too pleased when Penguins' captain Sidney Crosby was allowed to cut to the front of the line. Non-celebrity residents of Pittsburgh felt Crosby should have to slog through the interminable wait like everyone else, and if his pr…
Former Clerk Sentenced in Illegal NJ License Ring
New Jersey's attorney general says a former motor vehicles clerk has been sentenced to prison after admitting his role in a wide-ranging scheme to illegally sell New Jersey digital driver's licenses to customers who did not have the required identification.
IQ Test For New Jersey Drivers
Both on air and online yesterday, people seem to be in favor of my idea to require an IQ test to obtain a New Jersey driver's license. Yes we realize we'll never really see this happen, but just for fun check out the online poll results here...
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