dessert recipes

Craig Allen’s Big Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie
If you love chocolate chip cookies....and you don't have a peanut allergy...this "cookie" is for YOU!
Every time that I bake this big cookie...that you cut like a slice of pie...its gone in no time!
Here's what you will need for this GUARANTEED crowd-pleaser...
Craig Allen bets you never made cake this way!
What do you do when your oven goes on the "fritz," a repair part is days away and you just have to have some CAKE?
And, no, I didn't want to buy a cake at the grocery store.
So...what now?
I know, this sounds like a question that Big Joe would ask...
Easy Cheesecake for your Labor Day party
Does this scenario sound familiar?
You're heading to the family gathering in a few hours, and you still have to come up with an easy, and delicious, dessert idea!
Don't worry... your pal Craig Allen is coming to the rescue!