Dennis and Judi Show

A ‘Bromance’ Explained [NSFW-VIDEO]
Every type of relationship seems to have some type of nickname nowadays.  The word relationship wasn't good enough to describe things so now all these new hip terms came popping up. For example, 'Showmance' is when two people become romantically involved that are in a theater production, tv series o…
The New Jersey Pizza Tour – Where Should It Go?
We're the diner capitol of the world. That's a fact!
And Dennis and Judi, as you may know, will be sampling the "baklava" during their 9th annual diner tour in a month's time.
But this is an idea I wished I thought up myself.
The Travel Channel recently did a tour of …
Dennis Malloy Responds to Road Rage Rant Critics [VIDEO]
Earlier this week Dennis Malloy posted a video ranting about a law being implemented to combat road rage. The law, named 'Jessica's Rogers Law' for Jessica who was left with serious permanent injuries from a road rage incident.  The video caused quite a stir among those in favor …

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