dennis and judi cutie

‘Dennis and Judi Cutie’ Pietra [PHOTO]
Our new "Dennis and Judi Cutie" is Pietra from Cherry Hill. If you want to submit your picture to be a "Dennis and Judi Cutie" you can find out how here.  Check out Pietra (30-years-old), our new "Dennis and Judi Cutie" below.
New ‘Dennis and Judi Cutie’ [PHOTO]
Each week we will be picking a couple different women to be our "Dennis and Judie Cutie".  They will get their picture put up on the web page and have the honor of being a "Dennis and Judi Cutie". Check out our new "Dennis and Judi Cutie" be…
First Ever ‘Dennis and Judi Cutie’ [PHOTO]
Below is our first ever "Dennis and Judi Cutie"!  If you are an 18-year-old female who is interested in being featured as a "Dennis and Judi Cutie", send your submissions to our Producer Scott at