Craig Allen

Join Craig Allen in Asbury Park
Its a beautiful, holiday weekend afternoon in New Jersey...spend it with us in Asbury Park!
"Sand, Surf, Sun and FUN" are in full effect!
As, I'm taking the radio show on the road!
Join me, Craig Allen, and the "Jersey Prize Team" at the New Jersey Natural Gas S…
Craig Allen’s Tractor Race Results
Its a tradition, 96 years in the making...
...well,its been happening since 1999.
My neighborhood gathers to party for a few .race LAWN MOWERS through the streets for a few minutes...and then party into the night...
Did Craig Allen see You at iPlay America?
As we wrap up another fun "Music Weekend" on New Jersey 101.5...I'm figuring that this is a good time to look back at the beginning of the weekend!  At least, the beginning of MY weekend!
Here's your chance to check out all the St. Patrick's Day Night FUN we had …
Have Fun Tonight with Craig Allen at iPlay America
What are you doing tonight? After all, its St. Patrick's Day...Night!
Put on your "green"...and...PARTY!!!
Join me, New Jersey 101.5's Craig Allen at "iPlay America!"
Get set for a night of fun, and great music!
I'll be hanging out at the "Game…
Craig Allen’s Favorite Hits by Decade
He may not be here, on-air, tonight...but Drew Miller is certainly here in spirit!
He inspired this latest bit of musical introspection, on my part...
Recently, Drew asked me: "What are your favorite songs, by decade?"
Believe me, being a "music guy" I get asked…
Light moments on a snowy day at New Jersey 101.5
Keeping New Jersey up to date on the snow is serious business here at New Jersey 101.5. (Keeping up with New Jersey 101.5 is pretty easy on Instagram, though)
Sure, we also have some "light" moments along the way!
Major case in point:
Despite the fluffy, frosty onslaught, news an…

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