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Merry Christmas Birthday to Jimmy Buffett
I'm looking through my Christmas music CDs the other day....I do that this time of year...."and what to my wandering eyes should appear," but a Jimmy Buffett Christmas disc!
I had forgotten that I had it!
I do have stacks and stacks of "Ho-Ho Hits...
Friendly Christmas Lights Competition 2016
The annual "Friendly Neighborhood Christmas Lights Competition" is on...I think.For those of you who may be new....
I have been writing about my neighbors, "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob," and their displays for the last few years, here at nj1015…
Check out the Santa Run 5K at Six Flags
Six Flags Great Adventure is the place to be today!
You've got all the rides and fun and food at "Holiday In  The Park!"
And, the 2nd Annual "Santa Run 5K" today!
The run kicked off at 11am....and ...
Craig Allen’s Halloween Costume revealed!
Halloween proper is not til tomorrow...but I am in "costume" while playing Jersey's Favorite Halloween Hits tonight!
So...what am I?
No...I am NOT any one of these people in particular.
And I am NOT a...flasher!
I got some good guesses, including: "groupie" and &…
Craig Allen asks: What is my Halloween Costume?
Here at New Jersey 101.5 we are celebrating Halloween by playing the "Monster Hits!"
And...I am in "costume" while playing Jersey's Favorite Halloween Hits tonight!
As you can see...I have chosen NOT to go with "Craig the Friendly Ghost" or th…

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