consumer protections

NJ Electric Companies Could Be Included In Telemarketing Ban
The full New Jersey Assembly has approved a bill designed to protect consumers from being slammed by calls from electric power suppliers making false and misleading claims. The bill measure bans electric power suppliers from making false and misleading claims to potential residential customers.
NJ Home Improvement Swindler Gets Busted
A New Jersey businessman who sells, installs and repairs blinds and draperies will have to pay more than $350,000 in consumer restitution and civil penalties after a Judge ruled he violated the State’s Consumer Fraud Act, and Home Improvement Contractor’s Registration…
Gasoline or Aviation Fuel? 6 NJ Gas Stations Sued
Consumers thought they were filling their cars with ordinary, unleaded gasoline.  But, six New Jersey gas stations allegedly sold aviation fuel instead.  Now, those gas stations, their parent company and two fuel distribution firms are being sued by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affa…