christmas trees

Christmas tree season underway in NJ
It's that time of year again. Many New Jersey residents are decking the halls, putting up their Christmas trees and while many are opting for artificial trees, real ones are still in very high demand.
Poll: Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?
You know Christmas is nearing when you see SUVs driving up and down New Jersey’s back roads with Christmas trees on top - wrapped in plastic netting.
For some, it’s a family tradition – and what makes it all the more special is when you get to pick out your tree,…
The Great Christmas Tree Debate: Real vs. Fake? Round 2 [POLL]
Every year I run down to the basement and lug up the stairs the bulky bag that contains the Scotch Pine artificial Christmas tree I bought I don’t know how many years ago at an after-Christmas sale.
It still looks good to me – even though the color-coded branches are worn and it…

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