Obama Plan Might Help Boost Climate Talks
BEIJING (AP) -- President Barack Obama's proposal to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions might improve the chances of completing a global climate treaty but is unlikely to defuse demands by China, India and others for Americans to do more.
Hagel Spars with China Over Territorial Disputes
SINGAPORE (AP) -- The U.S. "will not look the other way" when China and others try to restrict navigation or ignore international rules and standards, Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel said Saturday at an international security conference.
He said China's territorial claims in the South China Sea …
China Cracks Down on Instant Messaging Services
BEIJING (AP) — China is targeting popular smartphone-based instant messaging services in a monthlong campaign to crack down on the spreading of rumors and what it calls infiltration of hostile forces, in the latest move restricting online freedom of expression.

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