Protecting NJ Kids in Cars
The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety wants parents and caregivers to take a closer look at children’s car seats during “Child Passenger Safety Week.”
5 Fast Cars That Are Easier to Afford
By Jeff Deminski
Have the need for speed but not the financial means? This could help you out. For those on a tight budget, who still long for a fun, fast car, Mitch Strohm of has picked 5 fast and fun cars that won't break the bank...
If You Suck at Parallel Parking this Car is For You
Not many details have been released yet, but reports say that a new car with wheels that turn 90 degrees is in the offing. The car is a joint project between engineers in New Zealand and China and would allow the driver to turn the wheels sideways to pull into a parking spot that would normally requ…

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