The Newest Cannibal Story Comes From France
This one comes from France, where an old lady is accused of bludgeoning her elderly husband to death and then cooking his nose, genitals, and heart. A judicial source said it still isn’t clear if she ate the items, but I don’t know why else she would cook them.
I Can’t Resist a Good Cannibal Story
By Bill Doyle
The trouble with most cannibal stories is that the cannibal often turns out to be psychotic. There are very few cannibal stories in which the cannibal is a normal, well-adjusted person who just so happens to have a taste for human flesh. Alas, the most recent cannibal story in the news …
Trenton Man Named in Kidnap-Murder Indictment
An indictment returned by a federal grand jury Wednesday named a New Jersey man previously charged in a cannibalism scheme and two men accused in a kidnap-rape plot, though the document in federal court in Manhattan made no mention of cannibalism.