Jim Gearhart BOHICA Song
Anytime one of those pesky politicians finds a new and inventive way to delve their grubby hands into your pockets, Jim has a song he likes to play to go along with it.
Democratic Party Basks in Victory
As expected, after a short flurry of political flimflammery, the election came and went, leaving no observable change in the New Jersey political landscape in its wake. If anything, the state government is an even deeper blue. Like many voters,
Utility Companies Likely to Recoup Losses From Rate Payers
There's speculation on whether Jersey's giant Utilities can and will hit up ratepayers for huge bucks to cover the cost of cleanup and restoration after Irene, Lee, and the Saturday Snow storm. This would be hundreds of millions of additional dollars to be added to your bill. On that subject, th…
This story just to cheer you up.  In Camden yesterday, Nicodemo S Scarfo, son of the former head of the Philadelphia-South Jersey Mob, appeared in court on Federal charges that he and racketeering homies had looted a Texas Mortgage company of some $12 million dollars...