Big Joe

This Week in Music History
December 20th, 1968 - The Beatles sixth Christmas record ‘The Beatles’ 1968 Christmas Record’, was sent to fan club members in the UK and the US. It included the song ‘Nowhere Man’ sung by Tiny Tim.
This Day In Music History
March 24th
1966 - Simon and Garfunkel made their UK singles chart debut with 'Homeward Bound.' Simon is said to have written the song at Farnworth railway station, Widnes, England, while stranded overnight waiting for a train.
The Big Joke Of The Day
Well Halloween is here...this year many parents are cutting back instead of buying expensive costumes. As a matter of fact do you know what the big costume is this year? A lot of parents are duct taping a cell phone to their kids ankle and sending them out as Lindsay Lohan...
Today In Music History
October 30th
1964 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``Baby Love,'' The Supremes. The group is the first from Motown Records to have two No. 1 hits.
1978 - NBC-TV airs the animated TV movie, ``Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park,'' in which the band Kiss foils a mad scientist...

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