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Back-to-school spending down
The back-to-school season is just around the corner, and this year parents will be trimming their spending and evaluating what their children actually need before making purchases, according to a new survey.
How soon should kids get back on a sleep schedule?
Many parents are enjoying a "schedule-free" summer and are allowing their children to stay up late at night and sleep in in the morning. But now may be the time many sleep experts recommend parents start getting their youngsters back on a normal sleep schedule before school starts.
The Deminski kids head back to school
Jack and Mina's first day. We moved to Hillsborough so this school is brand new to them, which so many of us went through but always sucks. Not knowing a soul, worrying if you'll find anyone to be friends with, what will be different, etc..
I remember moving in the middle of a school year, …

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