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Back Then…The Unofficial History Of NJ 101.5
Earlier, we told you about how New Jersey 101.5 found its focus and purpose in the media world by, as they say, "catching lightning in a bottle", back then, by focusing on some huge tax increases proposed by the administration of Governor Jim Florio.
Back Then: An Unofficial History of NJ 101.5
So here we were, in 1990, back then,with this groundbreaking new idea. Let's run a radio station totally dedicated to New Jersey, its people, its politics, its idiosyncrasies.
My good friend and longtime colleague Jim Gearhart, remembers that once we decided to talk to New Jersey about New Jerse…
Back Then…The Unofficial History Of NJ 101.5
This is another installment in my ongoing blog, "back then," an effort to share with the many followers of New Jersey 101.5, little stories from this side of the signal. As I said before, you will not find any scandal in any of these little stories from our past. No trip to the dar…
Back Then…The Unofficial History Of NJ 101.5
That's what I am going to call this. It will be ongoing, and I will share with all of you a lot of little stories about some of the "behind-the-scenes" stuff that's taken place at New Jersey 101.5 over more than two decades.