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Christie Says the State Will Not ‘Close Down’ [POLL]
A New Jersey court will hear arguments June 25 in a lawsuit seeking to stop Gov. Chris Christie from slashing the current fiscal year's pension payment from a projected $1.6 billion to pay $696 million, knocking this year's budget out of balance. Christie said Monday night that a negative …
Landfill Protesters Confront Christie Outside NJ 101.5 Studio
Gov. Christie was confronted by a group of angry protesters as he approached the NJ 101.5 studios earlier today on his way to the Ask the Governor program. The protesters are concerned about hydrogen sulfide emissions wafting from the Fenimore landfill into the nearby town of Roxbury, in Morris…
Christie on Iraq: US Needs Energy Independence
He insists no decision has been made about running for President in 2016, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is traveling all over the country these days, meeting with GOP movers and shakers while fundraising for the Republican Governor's Association.
Helping NJ Residents in Flood Zones [AUDIO]
Billions of dollars have been spent to help Sandy victims recover from the superstorm that slammed the Garden State 19 months ago, but now some Central Jersey residents are wondering if they've been left behind and forgotten.
Is a Gas Tax Hike in NJ’s Future? [AUDIO]
Ever since he's been the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has refused to even consider the idea of raising the state gas tax to pay for transportation repair projects, but Tuesday night on Townsquare Media's Ask The Governor show, he seemed to suggest his position might be shifting. …
Christie Discusses Sandy Aid, Ammo Law [AUDIO]
In his May 13 appearance on “Ask The Governor,” Chris Christie again spoke briefly on the Bridgegate scandal, following several hours of testimony given by  top aide, Michael Drewniak. During the show, Christie also talked to callers regarding Sandy relief aid, offer…

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