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Sandy victims still waiting
More than two years after Sandy, thousands of New Jersey residents displaced by the superstorm are still waiting for grant money to help them recover and get back in their homes -- even though they finished all of the required paperwork months ago.
WATCH: ATG highlights gas tax debate, Sandy funding
On the heels of the Nov. 4 election, Gov. Chris Christie was in our studio for the Nov. 6 edition of “Ask The Governor.” During the show, the governor talked about what would happen if he decides to run for president in 2016. He also discussed the ongoing gas tax hike deb…
Christie waves a caution flag on gas tax speculation
Gov. Chris Christie last night waved the caution flag over public speculation that he may be edging toward acceptance of a hike in the gasoline tax to rescue New Jersey's depleted Transportation Trust Fund. More revenue, yes, Christie said, but not necessarily from a tax increase.

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