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Cloudy and Mild: Alan’s Weather Blog
Thursday's high temperature reached the the low to middle 50s, as high as 55 in Atlantic City.
The normal high is from 52 to 54.
Today, we can watch for a few passing showers, and certainly, temperatures on the mild side of normal.  But, it will be mostly cloudy if it doesn't shower ver…
Variable Clouds Today: Alan’s Weather Blog
My prediction of high temperatures yesterday in the mid 40s worked out perfectly.
The highest reading we could find was Mount Holly's 46, and that's also what Trenton-Mercer County Airport was.  Everybody else was 45 or so.
Today will be a touch milder with variable clouds and some suns…
Quite Cool Today: Alan’s Weather Blog
As expected, high temperatures did not make it to 50 yesterday; 48 or 49 were the highest readings.
Today will be a bit cooler and partly sunny with highs in the mid 40s or so this afternoon.
Partly cloudy tonight and still chilly with temps in the mid 20s to low 30s, but closer to the upper 30s or ne…
Windy and Colder: Alan’s Weather Blog
Before we really begin, we'll mention the 13th tropical storm, actually sub-tropical storm for the moment.
Melissa is way to the east of Bermuda in the Central Atlantic.  We have no concern other than shipping in the days ahead as it becomes more extra tropical down the road...
NJ’s Weekend Forecast: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures Thursday reached no better than 55 at Newark, Atlantic City and Wrightstown.
That's what we expected and that's about normal for this time of the year.
It'll be a bit milder today with highs in the upper 50s to maybe 60, and no worse than partly sunny...
Sunny and Mild: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures yesterday reached 41 in one or two spots, but it was mostly around the 40 that we expected.
Today will milder after a cold start with highs in the lower 50s and lots of sunshine.
Some clear skies for the night ahead and not as cold, in the 30s, but maybe close to 40 along the south c…
Sunny and Windy: Alan’s Weather Blog
Most Tuesday high temperatures were reached during the early morning hours or at daybreak, around 50 or 51.
Then temperatures fell, of course, into the 40s and 30s with some snow that fell.  It produced a coating in a few spots.  I know that in parts of Ocean County driving home yesterday t…
Blustery and Cold: Alan’s Weather Blog
Monday's high temperatures did no better than 56 in Atlantic City, as low as 53 in Newark.
The normal high is 56 to 58, so we were close, but just a shade below normal.
Temperatures are going the other way today.  They'll be falling into the upper 30s or the low 40s...
Partly Sunny and Windy: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures Thursday reached no better than the lower 60s, 64 at Newark Liberty Airport.
There was basically less than 0.1 inch of rain with the exception of some of the Jersey Shore counties.  Atlantic City, for example, had about 0...
Showers Moving Through: Alan’s Weather Blog
Yesterday got to as mild as 67 in Mount Holly, 66 at the Trenton-Mercer County Airport.  It was a little bit cooler elsewhere.
Today's highs will make it in the lower 60s before falling probably into the 50s this afternoon.
There's some showers around already in parts of the state...

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