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Snow is Coming: Alan’s Weather Blog
Get ready for a moderate snowstorm, mainly tonight into tomorrow morning.
Today, we may actually have some spotty light rain in parts of South Jersey and some spotty light snow or a light wintry mix elsewhere.  But no real concern most of the day...
More Snow Today: Alan’s Weather Blog
It's going to snow today and last until mid-afternoon or so.
When all is said and done, we expect an average accumulation of around 3-5 inches.
There's a slight chance, there could be a bit more or less along the south coast, maybe an order of an inch or two there...
Rain Tapering Off: Alan’s Weather Blog
The snow that we predicted for Sunday was way more than expected, especially in South Jersey.
I thought there would, at least, be a few inches or so.  Well, there was 6'-10' or 11' in spots.  There was much less in the Route One Corridor, only two to three inches, and even le…
Rainy and Colder: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures Thursday reached the upper 50s, 58 or 59.
That was way above the normal high of 46.
It's starting very mild this morning, but temperatures will turn colder and may fall in the 40s later with some rain.
And rain tonight continues with the chance that later tonight it turns to a wi…
Clouds and Some Sunshine Today: Alan’s Weather Blog
The weekend forecast worked out reasonably well.
Sunday's high temperature reached from 49 to 51. That's about where we should be exactly for this time of the year.
For today, we'll have clouds and some sun with high temperatures this afternoon ranging from the upper 40s to the lower 50…
Rainy and Colder: Alan’s Weather Blog
High temperatures yesterday reached the 50s, but not really until closing in on midnight.
There's been an inch or two of rain already, and there will be a bit more, at times, this morning with some of the pockets of heavy rain in Central and North Jersey, especially...
Storm Heads Our Way: Alan’s Weather Blog
Our storm is going to be just moving inland to the eastern seaboard and up the coast today, reaching New Jersey by late tonight or first thing early tomorrow morning.
That means rain with maybe a wintry mix starts to develop today, especially this afternoon...
Sunny But Cold: Alan’s Weather Blog
Sunday was certainly a taste of winter.
Temperatures failed to get above the 32 degree mark just about everywhere, 30 in Atlantic City, 31 at Newark Liberty Airport.
That was the lowest maximum temperature for the date that was set all the way back in 1938...

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