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Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Eddy Grant’
Vintage Eddy Grant radio station vinyl! Played on the air, back in the day...this vinyl sold a LOT of records in New Jersey! (Craig Allen photo).Eddy Grant is best known for his musical "rock" down "Electric Avenue" in the "Big 80's," but he…
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Level 42′
Level 42 is an English pop-rock and jazz-funk band that formed in the late 1970's, and would have their biggest worldwide hits in the 1980's.
Further, their biggest hit in England wasn't their biggest hit in the "states!"
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Big Country’
"Big Country" is a Scottish rock band, formed in Dunfermline, Fife, in 1981.
The band's music stands out for its Scottish folk sound, along with playing and engineering their guitar driven songs to remind the listener of bagpipes and fiddles.
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Little River Band’
Australia's "Little River Band" ruled the international charts in the late 1970's...but is now made up of Americans! Founding members have taken their frustration public, recording the song "Someone's Taken Our History." But, all that is to come...

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