6-year-old shot in Toms River

Why Are Investigations Moved? [AUDIO]
While the state awaits a decision from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s office regarding the murder of a Toms River six-year-old, who was allegedly shot by his playmate, many are asking why investigations get moved to other jurisdictions.
Services Scheduled for Brandon Holt
Services are set for 6-year-old Brandon Holt, a Toms River boy whose life was cut short far too soon as his parents take steps to make sure he will continue to have an impact on the community.
Toms River Reacts To Young Boy’s Death [AUDIO]
As investigators in the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office determine whether to press charges against the parents of the four-year-old Toms River boy, who shot his six-year-old playmate in the head on Monday, Toms River residents remain in shock by the tragic incident.

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