2012 presidential debate

Obama, Romney Come Out Fighting In 2nd Debate [VIDEO/POLL]
An aggressive President Barack Obama accused challenger Mitt Romney of favoring a "one-point plan" to help the rich and leveling offensive criticism about the recent deadly terrorist attack in Libya Tuesday night in a debate crackling with energy and emotion just three weeks before…
What Do Voters Look For During Debates? [POLL/AUDIO]
We are only a few weeks away from Election Day and at this point, most voters know what they're getting and have already made up their minds when it comes to President Barack Obama or Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. But, there is still about ten percent of the electorate that is willing to mo…
Romney & Obama Focus On Debate Prep [VIDEO]
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is preparing for his second debate with President Barack Obama but still taking time to tell voters in Ohio that enthusiasm for him is surging both in Ohio and across the country.

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