LINDEN — Police have released video showing the car authorities believe was used by the person who shot a man outside of a T.G.I.Friday's restaurant on Thanksgiving weekend.

The surveillance video, taken from a distance, shows a black sedan driving into the restaurant's parking lot on Park Ave just off Route 1 southbound late on Saturday, Nov.  25. The car pulls up to a car already parked near the front door, and a man gets out. The footage cuts to the car leaving the parking lot with its headlights out.

Police investigate a shooting in the parking lot of TGIF in Linden (RLS Metro Breaking News)

The video does not show the actual shooting of the 44-year-old Newark man who police said was shot at close range.

Police did not disclose the identity of the man who was shot but said he was still hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Police described the shooter as a light-skinned black male with long dreadlocks.

Pictures of the incident posted by RLS Metro Breaking News show police closely investigating a red sedan that has more than a dozen bullet holes.

Linden Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call 908-347-9227.

The shooting was the second in November at a restaurant with two weeks along the Route 1 corridor. Devin Smith, 23, of Lawrence, was fatally shot in the head just after midnight on Nov. 13 as he sat at at the bar of Applebee’s on Route 1 in Lawrence. Police charged Noel Powell III with murder in connection with the shooting.

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