This story has to remind you a bit of the story behind the movies “A Time to Kill” with Samuel L Jackson.

His daughter was brutally raped by a group of white supremacists in rural Mississippi; and his character exacts his revenge by shooting them as they go to trial.

The jury, made up mainly of white people, is inclined to convict Jackson’s character if not for the passionate defense posed by his lawyer, played by Matthew McConaughey, which eventually votes to acquit.

You might say the same about “Sleepers”, which is the story of a group of boys from Hell’s Kitchen, played Brad Pitt among others, who, after accidentally destroying a hot dog vendor’s cart, are all sent to reform school; where they are brutalized by the guards, one of whom is played by Kevin Bacon.

They are all sodomized, and while they bear the scars of what had happened to them, two of them eventually kill their tormentor.

They too, after having been indicted, were acquitted of their crimes.

So here we have this: the story of a man who kills his abuser. Do you feel you could convict the man for killing his Boy Scout leader he claims molested him?

Clark Fredericks of Fredon, is accused of killing Dennis Pegg, by stabbing the former Boy Scout leader more than 20 times on the night of June 12.

First Assistant Sussex County Prosecutor Gregory Mueller said Fredericks wore the vest to protect himself from Pegg, who was a former county corrections officer and avid gun collector, in the event Pegg tried to protect himself.

Fredericks was indicted on charges of first-degree murder, second-degree use of body armor in the commission of a murder, third-degree leaving an injured victim and other offenses.

Mueller said that it is illegal for civilians to own or purchase bulletproof vests.

In a separate indictment, Robert Reynolds of Mansfield, who is accused of driving the getaway van, was also charged with first-degree murder and other offenses.

Shortly after the arrests, Fredericks' family said he was molested by Pegg when he was a boy. Fredericks himself told police Pegg had “been a child molester for years” and “got what was coming to him, according to an arrest affidavit.

Fredericks and Reynolds are expected to be arraigned within six weeks.

There’s no doubt that Fredericks’ childhood was robbed from him.

However, do we condone, as a society, vigilante justice, no matter how justified the circumstances seem?

Emotionally speaking, I think we all would have voted to acquit.

But would it have been the right thing to do.

I’d go no, but what say you?