Waiting on hold for service is commonplace these days. But did you know a new survey finds we average 13 hours on hold each year?

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500 consumers were polled by the Massachusetts firm, "Talk To," a text message communications service.

CEO Stuart Levinson says, "Think about when you are put on hold. It just puts you in a bad mood."

The polling was done by ResearchNow. They determined that 58 percent get ticked off at waiting, and 48 percent believe calling a business is useless. Overall, 86 percent said they had been put on hold when calling a business.

Levinson says they also found waiting on hold can add up to a whopping 43 days over the course of a lifetime.

Who are the worst offenders keeping you on hold?

"There are a couple that just jump to the top, national brands when you are calling for customer service."

Levinson says the research shows how poorly the phone performs as a customer service channel.