Last night, I was tipped off on a supposedly top-secret rumor. I only told a handful of people who I thought would be interested, then made them swear to secrecy. It was going around that the Foo Fighters were going to be performing at a small bar in Belmar last night to warm-up for their Bamboozle performance on Saturday. The rumor had some validity to it. The band was staying in the area, and they wanted to work off the rust. This particular place had an area where a band could perform and there was no chance it was going to be over-crowded. In fact, the people that were already there were there to see if the Foo Fighters rumor, or... foomor was true.

I was all ready to go. I had a story ready to go on the website, I was going to live-tweet it and take a bunch of cool pictures. You have to go all out when you think a surprise show of this magnitude is going to happen, how many chances will you get? It turns out that the Foo Fighters never showed up, but it was worth a shot!

I've been lucky enough to be a part of one surprise concert. Last year, I went down to the Wonderbar in Asbury Park to see a Clarence Clemons tribute band roughly a week after he passed away. I looked over and saw Bruce Springsteen sitting at the bar and before we knew it, he was on stage playing for about two hours.

Have you ever been in the crowd for a surprise concert? Let us know in the comment section below.