Do you feel abandoned by the State of New Jersey because you still haven't recovered from Superstorm Sandy? If you want to give state legislators a piece of your mind, you should make plans to be in Jersey City this Monday night for the second public hearing on Sandy recovery progress.

Superstorm Sandy (Mario Tama, Getty Images)

The Senate Environment and Energy Committee and the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee will hold a joint hearing to take testimony from the public on the progress of Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts in the state. The hearing is scheduled to take place at 7p.m on Sept. 16 at the Jersey City Council Chambers.

"What we found in Atlantic City last month was that our state is not doing a very good job in helping residents recover from the storm," said Sen. Bob Smith, chairman of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. "I suspect we'll hear a lot of the same this Monday."

Issues that came up at the hearing last month included, but were not limited, to the confusion caused by a maze of paperwork as well as trouble securing loans and grants.

"We're hoping by shining a light on this that we can get state government to finally be responsive to the needs of our citizens," explained Smith. "This storm has devastated this state.  We really should not be squandering this (federal) Sandy relief money. You're going to get this once and never again."

Members of the public are not only invited, but they are encouraged to attend and testify on their personal experiences with recovery efforts in the wake of the most devastating storm to hit New Jersey.

"This is an opportunity to help your state government to help you," says Smith. "If we don't know about the problems we can't solve them…..We're bringing our pajamas and if you show up you'll get your chance to speak and we're going to listen to you."