One of the hardest things about watching the Super Bowl is not being able to leave the room because you don’t want to miss all those new commercials.


So as a public service from me to you, here’s a preview of some of what you’ll see. You’ll thank me when you’re able to use the bathroom while everyone else is being held hostage.


See Kaley Cuoco granting wishes for Toyota in hot purple


“Axe” proves there’s nothing better than an astronaut, and may even send you into space


Volkswagen combines Jamaican flair with The Partridge Family


Gildan pushes the boundaries in their Super Bowl commercial


Kia takes you to “babylandia”


Taco Bell shows you what it’s really like when you get old


The Lone Ranger rides again!


Supermodel Kate Upton will make you want to get your washed more often.


Which of these commercials do you like best? Start the conversation now before it hits on Monday